Aug 13, 2013

Greed: The Mad Scientist (FINAL) 407.66 MB

Greed: The Mad Scientist (FINAL) 407.66 MB. Explore Pontoon Research Laboratories, that was burned to the ground three days ago in Greed: The Mad Scientist game for PC, because the lead scientist of the lab, Dr. Ralph Goodwin announced a groundbreaking new drug that he claimed would cure all types of cancer! But this cure seem to be not as good as it seems - Dr. Goodwin tested it on himself and in the result turned into ugly monster! To prevent this side effects from spreading, he set the fire in the lab, and now, when you're searching for cure, he will do anything it takes to stop you in this scientific hidden-object puzzle adventure!


Title Post: Greed: The Mad Scientist (FINAL) 407.66 MB
Rating: 80% based on 638, ratings 4.0 user reviews.
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