Oct 9, 2015

PuppetShow 8: The Face of Humanity Game (FINAL) 363.07 MB

PuppetShow 8: The Face of Humanity Game (FINAL) 363.07 MB. Find Agnes Weiss, daughter of Sebastian Weiss, Mayor of Saltsbruck, who disappeared four days ago in PuppetShow 8: The Face of Humanity PC Game from ERS Game Studios!

Firstly Mayor sent Gendarmerie to search for her, but when they failed and citizens of Saltsbruck claimed they saw monstrous silhouette with glowing eyes wandering the city streets, he invited you to help. Situation is tense – miners of Saltsbruck losing their jobs, being replaced by the puppets to reduce the number of accidents in the salt mines. Curfew is in effect, people are trying to destroy any puppet they see. Use help of Saltsbruck Information Bureau, where only puppets are working, to find out what happened with mayor’s daughter and may her disappearance be connected with these disturbances. Moreover, daughter of David and Hannah, owners of ‘DH Wonders’ factory that created all the puppets, died not long ago and her death may be also connected to current events…

Download eight chapter of PuppetShow series, select your gender and appearance (for example females can be smart, brave or couth) go ahead and crack the case in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Get all achievements for another perfect case!
  • Play the bonus game!
  • Find all hidden money to purchase valuable items!
  • Find all the collectibles!


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