Jun 20, 2014

League of Light 2: Wicked Harvest Game (FINAL) 259.95 MB

League of Light 2: Wicked Harvest Game (FINAL) 259.95 MB. Solve supernatural case of children’s kidnappings in Blake’s Mountain, Eastern Ireland in League of Light: Wicked Harvest PC Game! League of Light sent you there in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure because of the received urgent message from Alice Thompson, two children have been taken recently, and last one disappeared just three days ago. And looks like kidnapper is a tiny man, hiding in the darkness and using some supernatural force to put children into the Snow Globes. Looks like he preparing sacrifices for the blood rite that must be completed under upcoming Red Moon. But for that rite he’ll need three children, and Alice, mother of little Goldie, saw someone tiny in the shadows of her house…
Collectors Edition includes:
  • Available Strategy Guide
  • Achievements and bonuses
  • Wallpapers and concept art
  • Bonus chapter will uncover origins of the kidnapper!


Title Post: League of Light 2: Wicked Harvest Game (FINAL) 259.95 MB
Rating: 95% based on 93, ratings 4.75 user reviews.
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