Dec 11, 2015

Demon Hunter 3: Revelation Game (FINAL) 406.61 MB

Demon Hunter 3: Revelation Game (FINAL) 406.61 MB. Save little Fiona from clutches of a demon in Demon Hunter 3: Revelation PC Game from Brave Giant Studio!

Five years have passed since you defeated Ragnar but demons are still here. Your friend Officer Brown invited you to the crime scene, where Olivia Martin was killed. Officer believes it was work of the demon. Moreover, Olivia’s daughter Fiona had gone missing since that night! Get help from the gravedigger and Father Jones that can be found in the Greenhouse. Use your talents and your wits to follow tracks of the kidnapper and find out, why does he need a little girl! Find out who killed Olivia Martin and took her daughter Fiona in this beautiful and gothic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure.
  • Get all achievements, such as Jack of all Trades and Matchmaker!
  • Gather dozens of collectible coins!
  • Find all collectible dolls through the game!
  • Restore Olivia Martin’s family tree, started by Arthur Brown!


Title Post: Demon Hunter 3: Revelation Game (FINAL) 406.61 MB
Rating: 92% based on 24, ratings 4.6 user reviews.
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