Apr 25, 2012

Download Weather Lord

Hi, today Big Fish released new Time Management game for PC - Weather Lord!
There's a 100 percent chance of fun when you play Weather Lord, a unique time management game that puts the forces of nature at your fingertips! To discover more about this game read Facebook article about it. Use sunlight, wind and rain to coax bumper crops out of fertile soil, and then turn your harvest into the products people want. If you manage your resources well, your solar power stations and wind turbines will provide the energy your production facilities need. 
 You'll also have to summon thunderclouds to remove boulders, send rain to quench forest fires and store up the resources your workers need to repair earthquake damage. If you stay ahead of the clock, the gold cup will be yours! Give Mother Nature a well deserved rest and play Weather Lord today!
  Weather Lord consist of cheery features which set it apart from even most unusual computer games. As about Weather Lord soundtracks and video sequence quality, you may try your Time Management skills in the most comfortable play process settings. This charming PC game Weather Lord is designed by high class developers. Enjoy wild pleasing to the eye scenes as you travel all over Weather Lord world. The atmospheric Time Management exemplar - Weather Lord - received ambrosial ratings from the gaming press all over the world.
 Download link: Weather Lord

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