Apr 30, 2011

Tamara the 13th – Mac

Tamara McNamara discovers she’s a 13th generation witch in the suspenseful Puzzle Adventure, Tamara the 13th. Her mother is kidnapped; in order to rescue her, she must master her innate magical powers and restore order to realms devastated by an ancient evil witch. Can you help Tamara use her newfound abilities to solve puzzles and confront her mother’s captor? Meet the excellent fabulous Puzzle, Adventure game of all time – Tamara the 13th. Be careful not to lose yourself entirely in the immersive atmosphere of Tamara the 13th game, or you will become not available for your ...
Source: http://www.wholovegames.com

Download: http://www.wholovegames.com/uncategorized/tamara-the-13th.html

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